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ClearRing is positioned to be the treatment of choice for men with moderate to severe BPH symptoms, who were resistant to drug therapy and wish to avoid surgery. ProArc’s solution represents a simple, safe minimally invasive procedure that provides immediate relief of symptoms. The ClearRing presents numerous advantages:

  • Safety: Preserves the urethra and therefore minimizes risk of adverse events; avoids complications associated with surgery and other minimally invasive solutions
  • Short procedure time: Takes only a few minutes, making it cost effective
  • Simplicity: The ClerRing procedure is easy to learn and requires a short physician training period
  • Improved quality of life: The procedure provides immediate symptoms relief, quick recovery, and preserved sexual functioning
  • The ClearRing procedure can be performed in an office setting or any other outpatient environment
  • The procedure does not require general anesthesia


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